High EXERGY storage!

The growing energy demand and the need to combat Global Warming, limiting CO2, their non-programmable nature and the necessity to manage wind and solar peaks, puts everyone in front of a great challenge: "Energy storage".

The production lack from non-programmable renewable sources, or, anyway, the presence of the energy surplus, is exploited to compress air, which is then stored in various types of tanks. At times of peak demand, the stored compressed air is expanded in turbines that drive electric generators.

Our challenge will be the optimization of the storage process in Basilicata, a region that plays a crucial role in the national energy scenario.

In fact, Basilicata boasts a significant excess of energy produced by RENEWABLE SOURCES with a strong growth trend: for this reason, ranking the Italian region with the highest installed capacity per inhabitant. With a power of 1259MW from wind farms and 800MW from photovoltaic plants.

Basilicata also offers a territory with a high availability of natural sites, potentially suitable for storing compressed air, both for the presence of underground cavities and for the characteristics of the seabed.

Why WareHouse Exergy?

It is a totally sustainable solution because: with ZERO impact on the environment, it uses air as a thermodynamic fluid! It is totally achievable with Italian technology; the possibility of converting turbines and generators from gas and coal plants; a lower investment cost together with a longer life, compared to other storage technologies, is a circular economy!

Compression and expansion can be achieved with multiple machines connected in parallel with the aim of partializing and therefore optimizing both the accumulation and release phases, making our solution highly flexible.

The possibility of creating systems of different sizes, from tens to hundreds of megawatts, makes our solution highly scalable. Compressed air can be stored underground: in exhausted natural gas and / or oil wells, geological formations, tunnels and disused quarries.

Underwater, using the water column, with innovative inflatable tanks, to increase its efficiency. On the ground with the use of innovative silos, piping and tanks. These characteristics of scalability and flexibility make Warehouse Exergy repayable everywhere!